Back in the day, no one would bat an eye when a kid would drink from the water hose. Nowadays, we seem to have a little bit of a better idea as to how dangerously we were living back then.

Now, before we move on, we're not saying that drinking from the water hose will be fatal or anything. But, like with anything, we're more aware of the risks we all take in different situations.

A popular childhood pastime

It's one thing when it snows in the Treasure Valley, but it's a whole other situation when it actually sticks around and piles up like it has recently. While it hasn't gotten to the levels like Snowmageddon from a few years ago, there's no doubt that we're experiencing some serious snowfall.

It can be fun when you don't have to be anywhere; you can play outside with your kiddos, throw snowballs at your significant other, and in some cases... stick your tongue out for some snow.

According to Accuweather, that could be a bad idea due to the possibility that the snow is contaminated with pollutants or anything else around it.

How bad can it get? Here are some of the symptoms you might encounter...

The Disturbing Health Hazards Of Snow In Idaho

If you see you or your kids are thinking of eating the snow - DON'T! Let's look at what you could potentially be dealing with if you consume snow...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

But don't worry! Experts say that sticking your tongue out or getting a bite or two of snow is unlikely to cause problems. They do say that people who have significant health conditions or "very young infants" should be extra careful.

It's not just your health that's at risk but your home could be too! That is, unless, you're able to act before it's too late.

Here's why you should be strategic (yes, "strategic") when shoveling snow around your house.

Save Your Home NOW Before The Snow Melts In Idaho

The snow is all fun and games until it MELTS... here's what you need to know.

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What Idaho Roads Are The WORST In The Snow?

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