We all know there are some really crummy jobs out there. But, as the old saying goes: someone's gotta do it!

Some of those crummy jobs might have excellent compensation, but sometimes you need a little bit more than a buck.

Appreciation goes a long way

It really does and according to one study, 83.6% of workers say that "recognition affects their motivation to succeed at work."

Even crazier, that same study says that 77.9% of workers would perform better if they were shown a little more love from their organization. Can you imagine being a leader/manager and realizing too late that you were just a "thank you" away from hitting your production goal? Ouch!

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And here's something to ponder: what if it's not just on the shoulders of these managers and organizations to show their employees some love? How about us, the consumers?

When was the last time you thanked someone who wasn't a teacher or first responder for doing what they do? Just try it next time! And speaking of...

We asked people in the Treasure Valley to share which professions they feel deserve a little more love than they get. From that, we rounded up the top responses and compiled together six of the careers people want to show some appreciation for.

Among the jobs are teachers and healthcare professionals but there were also a few jobs on there that you might not expect. What would you add to this list of unappreciated careers? Let us know here!

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