If there's one thing we could all agree on, it's that we all enjoy a good movie now and then. There's no shortage of films these days and we all have our favorites: drama, horror, comedy, or even romantic movies.

Now, you've probably heard or read about movies that were filmed in Idaho but how many movies take place in Idaho? Thanks to the folks over at IMDb, I was able to search and find as many movies as I could that take place in the Gem State and there's something for everyone! Do you want a horror movie that takes place in Idaho? Check out 'The Being' or 'Paranormal Prison'. Do you want to check out a movie that not only takes place in Idaho but was also selected for preservation by the Library of Congress? We've got that for you too.

I'm not kidding you - I just spent the better part of my day verifying all of these movies took place in Idaho (in SOME capacity) and by the time I was done; I could not believe how much of a variety there is.

There is something for everyone on this list and now I'm excited to run through it just to see if I can learn something about Idaho or even spot certain landmarks.

Read on and let us know how many of these 35 films you have seen that take place in Idaho.

How Many Of The 35 Films That Take Place In Idaho Have You Seen?

Here are 35 films that take place in Idaho according to IMDb.com. How many of these have you seen?

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Did You Know These 15 Big Movies Were Shot in the State of Idaho?

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Famous Marilyn Monroe Filming Location Now A Stunning Idaho Home

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