Here's where to get the best, most delicious croissants in the Boise area. Also, happy National Croissant Day! To celebrate, we wanted to share with you the best bakeries and shops for croissants.

While most of us love light, freshly baked croissants, we have some really incredible bakeries in Boise that a lot of us probably don't know about. But rest assured, after reading this, you'll know where you can get the best croissants in Boise. Keep scrolling for the list 👇

National Today says...

"On January 30, we annually recognize National Croissant Day, so channel your inner Parisian baker today and say “oui” to these buttery treats!"

They go on to explain the "croissant origin story," which is really fascinating...

"While most of us know it as a french speciality, the croissant actually originated in Austria under the name “kipferls”. Marie Antoinette first introduced the Austrian pastry to France when she married into the royal family and requested the simple cake in the crescent shape of her homeland. The French bakers created fancier versions of “kipferls” and thus, the croissant was born. In France, the croissant has become more sophisticated, influenced by the cuisine style of its country. At it’s most basic level, it’s a frugal kind of breakfast pastry, made from pâte feuilletée (soft flour of flour, yeast, butter, milk and salt)."

Keep scrolling for the top 3 highest-rated croissant shops in the Boise area, the best holiday drinks, and much more 👇

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