There's nothing worse than being let down by bad service, especially when you're out with friends. Whether it's slow service at the bar, rude waitstaff, or a mix-up with your order, it can ruin your whole evening.

If you have kids and have to find a sitter like some of us, it can make the bad experience sting that much more.

Keyboard Warriors: Good for the bar and restaurant industry?

Ah yes, "keyboard warriors." It's a phrase that usually comes with a bad connotation and understandably so. The term is often used to describe people who "hide" behind a keyboard and say things they otherwise wouldn't say in person. On the other hand, being a keyboard warrior can also be a good thing.

You can typically spot bad keyboard warriors in comment sections: they never use their profile photo, they often change their username to be something completely different from their real name, and their negativity is usually amplified because they feel like they'll never have to face the repercussions of their comments in person.

As for the good keyboard warriors, these are people fighting the good fight. They use a legit name, aren't afraid to present evidence via photos, and they're getting the word out about things you should avoid.

No one gives you brutal honesty quite like people on Yelp

Using Yelp, we searched for "Bars in Boise" and the lowest rating with the most reviews is none other than the Buffalo Wild Wings in downtown Boise. They boast a 2.1 rating on 103 reviews which is among the lowest in Boise when looking for "bars."

Is it a valid title for this downtown establishment to have? Let's see what the reviews say...

10 Reviews About Yelp's "Worst Bar In Boise"

Have you been to the worst bar in Boise? Here is what the reviews say...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

So, what do you think? Is Buffalo Wild Wings in downtown Boise the worst bar in all of Boise?

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