Sober you knows that you probably don't need an inflatable hot tub in your living room. But drunk you knows the truth. You need that hot tub.

We're all guilty. You get home from a wedding, or the bar, and you're tipsy. You pour yourself another drink, and jump on Amazon. Next thing you know your cart is filled with heated blankets, a stuffed unicorn, and a onesie that you'd never be caught dead wearing. Drunk shopping is the best. It's like a little surprise that shows up at your door that you completely forgot about. And it's happening way more than you'd think. claims that in 2017, the average person was spending over $400 dollars on drunk purchases. That's amazing. That drunk shopping isn't just limited to online purchases though. People surveyed said they've ordered food drunk, blown a ton of money gambling (online and in casinos), and even blacking out in an Uber going somewhere you've never even heard of.

You can see the full results of the study here, and you should, because it's fascinating. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go soak in the inflatable hot tub in my living room.


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