A touching moment at the Zach Bryan concert in Nampa has taken the internet by storm.

Just four days ago, in a display of unity and compassion, concertgoers joined forces to lift a fan in a wheelchair so he could enjoy the performance with a better view. This heartwarming incident highlights the power of music to unite people and the kindness that defines the people of Idaho.

The heartwarming scene unfolded spontaneously as Zach Bryan was singing on stage at the Ford Idaho Center. Determined not to miss a second of the show, a fan in a wheelchair found himself lifted high above the crowd by those around him.

Amanda, a fellow concert attendee, captured the moment on her phone and shared it on TikTok. The video quickly gained over a half-million views, and has since been picked up and shared by organizations and publications all over the country.

Little did she know that her video would become a sensation overnight, touching the hearts of millions across the country. She also inspired other concert attendees to share their videos, as multiple people captured footage of this amazing experience — they, too, started sharing their videos on social media.

There were a quite a few reasons this concert left a lasting impression; It broke the record for most people in the Ford Idaho Center Arena, Zach Bryan let a fan from Eagle, Idaho sing with him on stage, and this fan in a wheelchair was lifted up by the crowd.

This serves as a reminder of the inherent goodness of people, especially in times of division, and showcases Idaho as a symbol of positivity and unity. Acts of kindness like this, shared experiences, and the universal language of music can bring us all closer together.

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