Are you one of the few people who still refuses to use your seat belt? The odds in the Treasure Valley are not in your favor.

Everybody knows that accidents happen. So no matter how careful you are as a driver, there's still a chance you may be in a wreck. That's a pretty good reason to buckle up. But did you know that more vehicles crash into houses per capita in the Treasure Valley than anywhere else in the world?*

(* not an actual scientific fact)

And when vehicles hit buildings, it always happens in threes?*

(*also, not an actual scientific fact)

It happened again yesterday near Five Mile between Ustick and Fairview when an SUV plowed into a house while the homeowner was in the bathroom. I suppose that's a pretty good place to be if you're being startled suddenly by a loud crash, but still...

So buckle up Treasure Valley! There are a lot of buildings out there that might suddenly jump out from nowhere. Oh, and be ready, because two more cars into buildings situations are imminent.