Have you ever wished for a one-stop shop that caters to all your needs? From groceries and home decor to electronics and clothes? If you've ever visited or heard of a Super Target, you know exactly what we're talking about. Super Target is the retail giant's larger version, offering an extensive range of products and services, all under one roof. But wait, isn't something missing? We don't have a Super Target in Boise or the entire Treasure Valley! Which is hard to believe. 

Photo by Shabaz Usmani on Unsplash
Photo by Shabaz Usmani on Unsplash

Benefits of Having a Super Target

With a Super Target, you can forget about juggling between stores for different needs. You can find everything from fresh produce and bakery items to top-notch electronics and trendy clothing. Super Target offers competitive pricing and fantastic promotions, ensuring your dollars stretch further. Who wouldn't want more bang for their buck?

Potential Locations for a Super Target

So, where could a Super Target be located in Boise? There are several potential spots. We could consider areas with easy access to main roads, ample parking, and near residential neighborhoods (for that quick run when you're out of milk or need a last-minute birthday gift). 

Perhaps somewhere in the vicinity of downtown Boise or near the connector? Consider the growing northwest or southeast areas of town. We're sure perfect spots are waiting for a Super Target just around the corner.

The Lack of a Super Target in the Treasure Valley

All this talk leads us to one question: Why don't we have a Super Target? Comparable cities, population-wise and growth-wise, like Sioux Falls, SD, or Fort Collins, CO, enjoy the benefits of having a Super Target in their vicinity. So why not Boise?

Surveys and social media platforms indicate a strong consumer demand for a Super Target. A recent local survey showed a whopping 70% of respondents expressing excitement and support for a Super Target in Boise.

Businesses the Boise Area Lost in 2023

Each year we put together a running list of businesses that have closed in the Treasure Valley. This is the 2023 list. Did we miss one? Send us your tips HERE.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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