Win your $hare of Thou$and$ in CA$H! - The Wow Country Numbers Game Returns!

The cool thing about the Wow Country Numbers Game? It's only for loyal listeners of Wow Country 104.3. Are you a loyal Wow Country frequent listener? You certainly can be!

Here's the deal. We throw a big stack of cash in the jackpot. Several times a day we take 5 callers on the WOW Frequent Listener Line at 208-338-1043. We ask you to give us a number between 1 and 104.

If your number matches the pre-determined secret number, you win the cash in the jackpot! If none of the 5 callers correctly identifies the secret number, the jackpot goes up...and we play again later, for more money.

It's a simple formula. The more you listen and keep track of the wrong numbers, the better chance you have of winning the cash! We'll even make it easy for you to keep track!

So get ready, 'cause the cash winnin' is just beginnin!

The Wow Country Numbers Game - Listen to Play - Play To Win!


Credit: Zizly Flores / Townsquare media
Credit: Zizly Flores / Townsquare media

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