When it comes to earning money, we Americans and Idahoans have been on a seemingly never-ending financial rollercoaster ever since 2019/2020. We’ve hit extremely high numbers and extremely low numbers that, according to Stacker, haven’t “been seen since the Great Depression.”

Regarding Idaho, Stacker says...

“Where you live can make a big impact on your financial situation. The highest earning county in the U.S. earns $147,111, while the lowest earns $22,292. Stacker compiled a list of the lowest-earning counties in Idaho using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Counties are ranked by the Census’ 2020 5-year estimate median household income.”

Thankfully, Idaho counties definitely aren’t the lowest-earning in America, but we’re also not the highest — we’re kind of in the middle.

Here are the top 25 lowest-earning counties in Idaho.

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These are the Top 25 lowest-earning counties in Idaho

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