Ah, Idaho – the land of potatoes and stunning landscapes, but not exactly known to be a "college degree factory." Can you believe it? There are a lot of studies out there (since 2015) that paint the same picture... only a quarter of Idahoans ages 25 and up can call themselves college grads.

Do you live in Idaho and do you have a Bachelor's degree from college? If so, you're among a quarter of the population in Idaho. That's crazy.

But hold on! We've got some good/interesting news for you about this. We wanted to share with you the one county in Idaho that has the most college graduates, and it might not be what you're thinking.

According to our friends at Stacker, the county with the most college graduates is...

Latah County

Photo by Andrew Lang on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Lang on Unsplash

Moscow, you smarty pants! Others are in the game, and it really isn't so bad here in the Treasure Valley, either. But Moscow is rocking it!

Here's the scoop from Stacker:

🎓 Astounding 44.4% of 25+ Latah County residents flaunt a bachelor's degree or higher.

🎓 We've got 3.6% holding onto diplomas (earning around $30,538 – eek!)

🎓 About 20.2% aced high school (bringing in $32,684)

🎓 A smooth 31.8% rocked some college or an associate's degree (with $31,817 in hand)

🎓 25.7% proudly wave their bachelor's degree ($42,382 – looking good)

🎓 And the brainiacs? 18.7% show off grad or professional degrees ($52,407, cha-ching!)

Don't think I forgot about Boise, y'all! Ada County's flying the flag with 40.1% rockin' a bachelor's degree or higher. Canyon County... only 20.2% have that degree.

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