Holy Moly I wouldn't pay this much for a car, but a dog?!!

She's a border collie named Gurdy from Melba. Her owner, Jeff Clausen sold him to Lightning 7 Cattle Company based out of Preston, Idaho.

Jeff bought Gurdy two years ago and he started training her to herd cattle. According to the Idaho Statesman he would guide Gurdy with whistles and words.

Gurdy picked it up quickly and it soon became clear she was amazing at herding cattle!

Most cream of the crop cattle herding dogs sell for around $6,000. The most expensive border collie last year went for $20,000 but Gurdy set a record! In fact Clausen thinks she may be the most expensive herding dog in the United States.

Make no mistake about it, Jeff loves Gurdy, but he's so busy training other dogs, including Gurdy's sister that he felt it was in her best interest to go to a new home.

I'm pretty sure her new owners will treat her right since they paid $30,000 for her!