Hope you have someone to hold on to.

You ready to get your spook on? Halloween is just about here and you may be looking for something to watch that will make your skin crawl. I, on the other hand, will most likely have Hocus Pocus on repeat. I can't do anything too scary because I'll be up for three days without sleep.

I know, I'm a baby.

There are those who absolutely love scary movies or television shows. It's a thrill for them to be scared and not being able to sleep makes for the best stories at the office the next day. Are you someone like that?

Then you better watch Stranger Things.

This is the most popular horror series in the state of Idaho. Are you surprised? Obviously I can't speak on this because I've never seen a single episode, but the Internet tells me that it's about a young boy's disappearance that leads to the arrival of a very strange girl.

This comes from Comparitech's list "Which Horror Movie or Series Is Most Popular in Your State?" The site combined trending information found on IMDB in the horror category with data from Google Trends. They focused specifically on films and shows that are available on streaming services.

What do you think? A solid choice for Idaho? If you plan on staying in this Halloween with a movie or television show marathon, this one has to be on your list. And feel free to tell us what other titles are included in your your lineup.

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