We are all tired of wearing masks, some have even been throwing fits about wearing masks while others do their best to follow the rules. The NBA got around the COVID 19 pandemic by having all of the players coaches and needed personnel stay in a bubble where they were not exposed to anyone else from the outside. This turned out to be an effective way to keep the NBA going without fear of players catching the virus. I still found it interesting when you see NBA games and people who are in the bubble are still wearing masks. I am not sure if they had to, wanted to or did it for an opportunity to have more logos present.

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There was speculation on how the NFL were going to handle the season when they started a couple of weeks ago. They are not doing any kind of bubble like the NBA and therefore the NFL has strict guidelines and rules for the players and coaches. One being quite simple and something we should all be used to by now. Wear a mask, or at least a face covering that covers your nose and mouth. Well, week 2 in the NFL had some coaches testing their luck with the NFL and they lost.

Denver's Vic Fangio, San Francisco's Kyle Shanahan and Seattle's Pete Carroll were each fined $100,000 for not having adequate face coverings during games. Yep, $100,000!!! That is one hefty fine! On top of that each team was also fined an additional $250,000 for not following safety guidelines. While these are huge dollars for fines they are nothing compared to what the NFL would lose out on if there was a coronavirus outbreak amongst players.  After all we all want to see them play through the season.


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