When is the last time you went on a date in Boise? Is the dating scene alive here in town or is it a difficult climate out there? It seems that there are two very loud "sides" to this argument and

We actually took in your feedback about Boise dating and here's a glimpse... 

What It's Really Like To Date in Idaho

What say you? Agree or disagree? 

Either way, we're taking all of these dating nightmares along with one very serious one as a sign to remind you: be safe out there, y'all.

This happened less than 6-hours away in our neighboring Salt Lake City, Utah.

An 18-year-old man has officially been taken into custody after stabbing not one but TWO women--one of which, he met on Tinder.

According to police, the 18-year-old, Kane Fairbank, met up with a victim in a local park and then "lured' her into a wooded area where he stabbed her multiple times.

He "lured" her into his vehicle, stabbed her multiple times in the hands, neck, and face. They met on Tinder--yikes. The victim was able to escape, we should note.

News reports from Utah state that  in an interview with police, Fairbank admitted to "planning" the first victim's murder--his intent, as he explained, was to get her into his car where he would kill her.

His second victim, was a random atack00a 64-year-old woman. While he did not plan on killing her, he said, once he attacked that was his intent as well.

This story is totally terrifying--it's always so important to meet online dates that you don't know in VERY public places and make sure you're sharing your location with a friend.

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