Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, is a nonprofit organization in Tennessee that is dedicated to helping large dogs find homes.

The organization relies heavily on volunteers. The volunteers are helpful in helping care for the dogs while in the rescue's care like taking them on walks. Recently, the rescue has been facing issues with harassment targeted at their female volunteers while out on walks. Things escalated to a new level when one of the female volunteers was walking a Great Pyrenees named Jepson in the morning. Founder Jean Harrison shared the story with Local 21 News.

Harrison shared that a white van had come to a stop and two men exited and headed toward the volunteer while on a walk with Jepson. The Great Pyrenees went crazy and startled the men enough to make them get back in the car and speed off. Harrison continued,

"Had she not been walking a Great Pyrenees who decided these men definitely constituted a threat and had that Great Pyrenees not kept them at bay, we could have been national news. Jepson the Pyr is a hero for sure and the employee this happened to is a trooper."

Jepson, the hero dog, is still up for adoption and looking for his forever family here!

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