The Perseid meteor shower is one of the grandest and we get it every year.  For the Treasure Valley it will will peak tonight from about 11pm to 1am. According to the American Meteor Society, we can expect to see between 50 and 75 meteors and hour, or about 1 a minute.

You don't need anything fancy to see the show, just turn out as many lights as possible and look up and see vibrant and constant shooting starts. Even though the peak is between 11pm and 1am your should be able to see them starting as soon as the sky gets dark enough. The showers will also continue for a few nights, up to a week even but not as frequent or as visible.

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Tonight we are expecting totally clear skies here making it even better. The moon is expected to show it self after midnight which will cause some light in the sky. After the Perseids pass, the next moderate meteor shower is the Orionids in mid October.

I admit to totally nerd-ing out on this sort of thing. I am going to try and get out of town just a little to get a super clear un-obstructed view.


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