Chick-fil-A employee Zack "Cowboy" Kokenzie was working at the Chick-fil-A in Georgia. He's being deemed a hero since he helped saved a kid in the drive-thru.

The Chick-fil-A shared in a social media post that the incident happened on Monday, October 12th just after a busy lunch rush. Kokenzie heard frantic cries coming from an SUV just outside of the drive-thru window. The father in the vehicle was seen rushing to the back of the car and that's when KoKenzie came over. He's an Eagle Scout and CPR-certified so he went toward the SUV. The father and another customer were trying to save a boy that was choking in the back seat, while the other children in the car were crying.

The seatbelt had got wrapped around the child's windpipe. KoKenzie's fellow team member Zachary Bullock rushed to Kokenzie with a pair of scissors, and that allowed him to cut the child free from the seatbelt in just seconds.

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