88-year-old Gwendola Johnson is very thankful for her pup Sandy, and her city sanitation worker after a scary situation.

Johnson shared with NBC Los Angeles that she walked out her front door and tripped on something and fell. While she didn't hurt herself, she couldn't get up. Her dog Sandy was by her side, as he always is, and saw a man walking near the driveway. Johnson told Sandy to "Go get him!" and Sandy did exactly that.

In the Ring doorbell camera footage, Sandy is seen wagging his tail and barking at city sanitation worker Kirk White. White shared with the news station"The way he was barking, like 'I have something to show you - come follow me this way, there's something I want you to see," encouraged White to follow the pup.

Sandy led White to his owner where he was able to assist in helping Johnson get back up and safe.

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