Diana Love and Amy Marshall learned some devastating news of one of their community members passing away from COVID-19. After the news, they decided to turn one of their AirBnB rental properties into a pop-up pantry to help the family and any others who end up dealing with the aftermath of the coronavirus.

What started as a way to help one family turned into a mission to help anyone who needed it. Every room in the house is now packed with items such as diapers, baby clothes and books. They told WBALTV 11,

"We learned that there is so much need, particularly in the Hispanic community, because they don't have stimulus checks or unemployment or any safety net."

The moms gathered detailed information about each family to make strategic deliveries, like not including a jar of peanut butter if a child has a peanut allergy. They make weekly deliveries and in a single day the house will be empty, then they'll start all over again. The two moms hope to keep it going and have appreciated other area moms coming through with donations that Love and Marshall can deliver. They said,

"It's all the things you want to have in your neighborhood, in your community and in your life. To me it's very beautiful."