23-year-old nurse Paige Colombo was working an overnight 12-hour shift as a cardiac nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital when she came home to a great surprise. Colombo was driving home in the early morning hours last week to see neighbors waving at her from their doorways. Her street was lined with handmade signs thanking her, and all frontline medical workers, for their sacrifice.

Colombo told TODAY, "At first, I couldn't fully comprehend what was happening. I was in shock that everyone put so much effort into making me feel loved and supported. When I pulled into my driveway, my family was waiting for me and we were able to walk down the street together — that was when I was able to process everything and felt the overwhelming love and emotion."

The signs were hand lettered and adorned with colorful drawings, praised Colombo and her team for their work in keeping their community safe. The signs ranged from "thank yous" to "You are brave. You are strong" to "Today's superheroes wear scrubs." The idea came from Colombo's mom and neighbor Michelle Manoogian, who organized the show of gratitude through email and their neighborhood Facebook group.

They hope the gesture leads other communities to do the same for their own healthcare workers.