I have to believe that Dan Buchanan is watching from above today as the air show in Mountain Home continues in his honor after a tragic hang-gliding accident yesterday during the first part of the air show took his life.

The last thing Buchanan would want is for everything to just shut down and cease because of this horrific tragedy.  Buchanan is no stranger to tragedy.  According to KTVB he suffered a spinal injury back in 1981 when trying to land his hang glider in bad weather.  In 1989, Buchanan started his own company and became a wheelchair hang-glider logging in more than 3,000 hours in the air.

The accident yesterday looked as if the wind had just flipped Buchanan's hang-glider over when he was coming in for a landing.  Buchanan was pronounced dead once at the hospital.  The Gunfighter Skies air show at Mountain Home Air Force Base made the decision to move on this afternoon in his honor.  Buchanan wouldn't want it any other way.

Col. Joseph Kunkel, commander of the 366th Fighter Wing said...

Dan Buchanan was no stranger to the air show scene.  He had performed his act for the last 36 years. He had been with many of the folks, performers, here today. He is a friend. He is a hero. He was doing exactly what he wanted to do today.

As the air show continues we can only hope that Dan Buchanan is watching and smiling.  For those here close to Buchanan, our hearts go out to them.  He will be missed.

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