Human remains have been found along the banks of the Salmon River. Could it be one of these two people?

The remains were found at the junction of Rice Creek and Grave Creek Roads. So far all we know is that the bones appear to be that of an adult. According to KTVB they were not intact.

I'm hoping the remains are one of these two people missing in the Salmon River just to give these poor families some closure.

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20 year old Cayla Danenburg of Nampa plunged into the Salmon River on May 17, 2016 with her friend Tiffany Maupin as they were returning from the University of Idaho. Tiffany's body was found about two weeks after the crash but Cayla has never been found.

Another possibility is that the remains could be 54 year old John "Randy" French who never came home from a fishing trip near Riggins in early July. Evidence shows that his vehicle went into the Salmon River along HWY 95 near milepost 91.

The Idaho County Coroner is working to identify the remains and we'll keep you updated as we find out more information.

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