Is the Caldwell Police Department investigating allegations of corruption? 

Yesterday April 12, 2023, the Caldwell Police Department took to its Facebook page, and things escalated quickly in the comment section. Their Facebook post was, "We are currently on the scene of an incident near Ranking Court and Barkley Way, please avoid the area."

Besides the normal "wonder what happened this time," "What's going on?" and the random spam link that some bot drops in all the comments, someone needed to air out some dirty laundry.

A Facebook user obviously had no issue voicing their frustrations with the Caldwell Police Department, saying...

The cooruptive CPD & will remain that way... Media will be getting a story.

It didn't stop there as other Facebook followers felt the need also to express their voice, most of which backed the Caldwell Police Department with responses like,

Always someone trolling this page.

But the real question is, is the Caldwell Police Department Corrupt?

After you read through the thread that took place, I will let you come to your own conclusion, but the Caldwell Police Department wasn't afraid to chime in either on the matter.

Besides the allegations of the Caldwell Police Department being corrupt, another person was concerned about the drug trafficking going on in his community.

Even though the Caldwell Police Department addressed the allegations that this person claimed, people continued to confront this person and said things like "problem starter" and "please refrain from commenting."

Based on what the Caldwell Police Department has said, they might need to address the situation? or will they move and let it go?

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