There's a lot of talks and a lot of speculation but the Twin Falls Police Department says that as of now, no charges have been filed and they believe that no criminal activity has taken place.

So what happened?  How do two infant brothers pass away at the same time and who is responsible?  We know very little but from the information released to the public, we do know that on Friday afternoon around 2:15 a call came in to 911 about two infant toddlers who were unresponsive and help was needed immediately.  According to KTVB, Twin Falls Police Lt. Terry Thueson stated that emergency responders took every measure in saving these children but were unsuccessful.

At this point, we know a full investigation has been launched and detectives have released a short statement saying that they believe there is no threat to the community.  What that means or what actually happened, we'll have to wait and see.  We'll stay on top of this story and keep you posted as the facts come in.

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