The controversial topic of vaccinating your child continues and has reached a boiling point in Rockland County, New York where more than 150 children have come down with a very contagious form of the measles.  KTVB just reported that they have literally declared a state of emergency and have officially banned unvaccinated children in any public place including school, church, parks, shopping malls, and more.

I believe this is a 1st here in the United States.  Never before could you be charged with a misdemeanor for going somewhere public because you've made the decision to not vaccinate your child.  That's right.  You can and will be charged with a misdemeanor if caught.  Now the authorities aren't checking every child out in public and asking for vaccination papers BUT... if for some reason it comes up and you are found without the proper vaccinations in public you will be prosecuted.  What's the punishment for this type of crime?  You could possibly serve up to six months in jail.  Whoah!

Experts say these outbreaks are most likely started with families coming back into the United States from other countries such as Israel and Ukraine, where large measles outbreaks are occurring.  Once back in America, the contagious measles spreads like wildfire through those that do not have the vaccine.

The debate here is... does this violate our constitutional rights?  Waldorf Elementary School in Rockland County New York is taking this very seriously and will NOT allow any student not vaccinated back until they are.  This includes more than 40 students who are not infected with the measles.

So let the debate continue.  TO VACCINATE OR NOT TO VACCINATE?  That is the question.

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