Vandal Football failed but Basketball... they just might get er done!


This is their first 20 game win season in 23 years and if they win the next 3 games of the Big Sky Tournament in Reno, they're going back to The Big Dance!  You may be scratching your head trying to think back to when the last time The University of Idaho made the big tournament in March Madness.  That's because it was in 1993!


Think about it.  There was no Uber, no cell phones, no tablets, facebook or even DVD's.


This year The Vandals take the #3 seed into the Big Sky Tournament and a lot of confidence with their 20 win season.  They take on the defending Big Sky Tournament champs Eastern Washington Thursday night in Reno.  If all goes well, The Vandals will seal a spot in the biggest tournament of the country on Saturday evening.