It's a good problem to have but we know there are kids out there, in the Treasure Valley who are going through some challenges and difficulties that we can help.  We need you to submit those kids.

Each month Rick and Carly spotlight one child here in the Treasure Valley that's going through some kind of issue or issues.  Rick and Carly's Kids is designed to bring awareness to the kids that sometimes fall through the cracks.  The kids that have conditions or experiences that are a bit different.  Maybe they don't fit into some kind of label or group.  Maybe doctors have no idea what's going on or if they do, it's much more rare than some of the issues we hear of often.

If you know of a kid like this please submit them now.  It'll only take you a few seconds and you could make a difference in a whole different way than you ever thought.  Putting a smile on a child's face and letting them know they matter... they're important... they have purpose and they mean something in this world.  That's what Rick and Carly's Kids is all about.

Once the kids are chosen Rick and Carly will spotlight them for the month giving them a dream day of their own and officially welcoming them into the WOW 104.3 family.  You can submit any kid you know below.

This month's kid is Logan.  Logan's a 10-year-old boy who lives in Meridian that's going through some speech problems because of his rare metabolic disorder called Galactosemia.  Check out Logan's journey below.