Do you know of a kiddo here in the Treasure Valley who is fighting a tough fight? Through “Rick and Carly’s Kids” we want to make dreams come true one child at a time.


Rick and Carly were inspired to start “Rick and Carly’s Kids” based on their own experiences as parents. Every family faces unique and unexpected challenges. Carly’s son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at 2 years old, Rick’s daughter found out she’s a Type 1 Diabetic at age 10, and his 12-year-old son suffers silently from a skin condition that has never received an official diagnosis. Often times, it’s these rare disorders that leave families feeling so alone. Through Rick and Carly’s kids we want to let families know that we are all in this together; we want to share in their successes and be there when the going gets tough.


Each month Rick and Carly will feature a “Kid of the Month” that is battling some sort of disease or disorder. We’ll learn about what they are struggling with and grant our “Kid of the Month” with a very special wish!