As I sit in the studio across from my son Titus, who had to come to work with me today, I cant help but admire these parents for standing up for what they believe. In a normal year, kids would already be happily adjusting to their new classrooms, new teacher and new friends. This year as we all know, is anything but normal and we all want to fight for some normalcy. Hundreds of families, parents and kids protested this morning at the West Ada School District headquarters opposed to the district's decision to start the school year online.

They have already moved back the start of the school year to September 8th and will proceed with online learning for at least the first week if not longer depending on if the Central District Health can move West Ada from a Category RED to a Category YELLOW.

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The district is meeting again tomorrow evening to discuss and another protest is being planned for parents that are against their decision to keep online learning. I certainly don't envy the district heads having to make these hard decisions but I do know they are just trying to keep everyone safe and I can respect that.

I don't know what the right answer is and I don't think there is one that will please everyone, unless someone has a magic wand and can zap Covid away. If the district, cant open the schools safely, then I think the worst scenario for the kiddos -especially the young ones- is to start in person learning too soon just to have an outbreak and have the district forced to retract to online learning.


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