Why in the world is Cinco de Mayo a thing?

I mean, obviously, it's a time to enjoy a good tequila and celebrate. But why exactly? There's a big misconception as to why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo...be honest did you think it too? If you're convinced Mexican-Americans are celebrating Mexico's Independence...you're way off. See, Mexico's Independence day is celebrated on September 16, with festivities usually beginning at the stroke of midnight.

The reason we actually celebrate with our friends and family? The victory of Mexican forces again the French in the 'Batalla de Puebla' (Battle of Puebla). This battle happened way back on May 5, 1862, during the Franco-Mexican war near the town of Puebla. While the French beat Mexican forces in other battles, this one was significant because the victory was over a very well-equipped French army. It helped serve as a "morale boost" and also slowed down the advancement of the French to the Mexican capital.


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