This show was definitely all that and a bag of chips.

Remember the 90s? Maybe you were just a kid or perhaps you were already a parents in the 90s. No matter what age you were, the 90s were pretty rad. They also feel like they were just 10 years ago, but alas, 1991 was 30 years ago.

Ugh... as if!

If you can recall this epic decade, do you remember the shows you used to watch? I remember watching Family Matters, Boy Meets World and Full House. You may be reminiscing about your favorite season of Doogie Houser M.D. or Blossom. Miss the old shows? Hulu has been streaming a lot of those shows with their 90s Week. Talk about taking a trip down memory lane.

With that in mind, we found a list of the Most Popular 90s Sitcom in Each State.

Shows on this list include The Nanny, Home Improvement, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and more. The top show for the state of Idaho however, is one that launched the careers of every one of its stars. They all went on to do big things after the show ended and one of other on screen couples even became a couple in real life.

Idaho loves That 70's Show.

Are you humming the theme song right now? I'm with you. Although I haven't watched the show religiously, I do know enough about the characters to keep up with any inside jokes from the show.

Did they get it right? Is this your favorite show from the 90s? If not, tell us yours below.

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