It's about that time of year to start dressing up for Halloween, so what is the favorite costume of the state of Idaho?

The most popular overall costumes by state were 'IT' , a dinosaur and witch. Last year Deadpool topped the list for Idaho but what about 2019?

This was my favorite line by Elizabeth Seward for 

Additionally, isn’t it just a little odd that the only state that went to “Mermaid” is land-locked Idaho?

Yes the Mermaid won the top Idaho Halloween costume according to Google. I think it is because we are dreaming of being near the ocean and that is part of the fun of Halloween is playing something that isn't a reality to me.

Yes the only state to choose Mermaid, another lone state is Kansas who's most popular costume is 'Toy Story', no particular character. Also Delaware has the 1980's as the most popular costume so just dressing like the 80's I assume.

So This year some Arial inspiration for Idaho on Halloween.


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