Have you ever heard of "The Misery Map"? It doesn't sound very exciting--and it's definitely not a map that you would want to find yourself on, right?

It has nothing to do with how miserable a place is, as much as it does how miserable an AIRPORT is. The "Misery Map", as compiled by Flight Aware, an online flight tracking and data website. The map compiles which airports are on time and which are in the "misery" zone-- or in other words, bogged down with delays.

These days, the Boise Airport isn't what it used to be--it's moving on up in size and popularity as more and more flights come and go from our beloved BOI.

In fact, we're getting to be so popular that some really amazing international flights, once so very expensive, are now totally affordable. 

8 International Round Trips Less Than $500 From Boise

Yes, it's true, despite the growth of our city and our airport--getting in and out of Boise can sometimes be a challenge if you're looking to go further than the Pacific or Mountain West. Every now and then, however, some flight deals come up that we simply can't pass up.
Below, you will find eight INTERNATIONAL destinations that are $500 or less, round trip, from Boise! It's not often you see deals like this and they do change quickly--so get that passport ready and let's get your next vacation planned!

These sound pretty sweet, right? But the real question is-- does Boise make the Misery Map and are you going to be able to make your domestic or international flight on time? 

Here's the good news, Boise-- we actually don't make the map AT ALL.

Over the past few weeks, the Boise Airport has been impacted heavily by the influx of Southwest Airlines cancellations and most recently, a bunch of technical difficulties with Sky West, a sub-set of Delta Airlines here in the region. Although we have been impacted, the lack of flight volume must be what keeps us off of this infamous 'Misery Map'.

So who ranks as the most miserable? Well, here are the Top 5...

  1. Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW)
  2. Houston, Texas (IAH)
  3. Atlanta, Georgia (ATL)
  4. Chicago, Illinois (ORD)
  5. Houston, Texas, (HOU)

See the Misery Map for yourself, HERE.

10 Flights Out Of Boise for Under $100

We all know that Boise, Idaho is one of the greatest cities in the country to live in. The secret is out and thousands are moving here. But even those of us who LOVE this city need a little time away and these cheap flights out of the Boise Airport could make your next vacation much more affordable!

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