You see it on the news, in the headlines, and even in the national tabloids: Idaho is BOOMING right now. Call it popular, hot, or over-valued, it's simply one of the most popular places on the map right now.

Where are all of these people moving TO in Idaho and is there really even any SPACE for them? Some say, we're full!

These counties here in Idaho, especially over the las decade, have seen a ridiculously high amount of growth:

Idaho's Fastest Growing Counties

If there is one would that could successfully label Idaho these days, "GROWTH" would be our first pick. Individuals and families alike are moving to Idaho from all over the country--but which counties are experiencing the most growth?

By the way-- are you interested in knowing where Idahoans are moving TO? Believe it or not, Idaho is seeing a bit of an exodus, too: 

Idahoans Are Moving Away to These 12 States

These days, it seems that everyone in Idaho is complaining about the amount of people moving to our state. The influx of residents is certainly real, but how often do we look at the folks moving OUT of Idaho? It's going on and these 12 states, by far, are "stealing" the most Idahoans away from us!

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