Unfortunately, we don’t have any NFL teams here in Idaho, so us Idahoans like to cheer on other (somewhat local) pro football teams like the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos, or the Las Vegas Raiders.

Actually, after many polls, Idahoans say those are their exact top 3 favorite teams. Your feedback is totally synonymous with the ticket sales statistics, too, according to Vivid Seats.

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It is no doubt… the #1 Most Popular NFL Team in Idaho is the Seattle Seahawks.

Personally, I’m a huge Denver Broncos fan, so it pains me to see the Seahawks be more popular in Idaho… but it’s just a fact. And I would say that is especially true for this season, as the Denver Broncos currently have 2 wins and 5 losses — this happening after acquiring Russel Wilson, who is supposed to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Yeah... not so much.

Anyway, you're here because you want to find out the Top 5 Most Popular NFL Teams in Idaho. Which NFL teams does Idaho love the most?

We have a top 5 list for you, using information from Vivid Seats, who looked deeply into actual ticket sales to find out Idaho's most favorite sports teams.

Keep scrolling for a list of the Top 5 Most Popular NFL Teams in Idaho (According to Actual Ticket Sales) 👇

Most Popular NFL Teams in Idaho (According to Actual Ticket Sales)

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