When I first came across this story I was thinking this was another case of vandalism.  Some spray paint, maybe a few things knocked over and don't get me wrong, that in itself would be bad enough but the damage inflicted at the Hilltop Memorial Cemetery in Nyssa, Oregon this past week goes above and beyond taboo.  More than 50 headstones were not only defiled, damaged, and disrespected... they were completely destroyed.

The beautiful United States flag still flies but there's a sadness surrounding this sacred land now with rock, rubble, and jagged edges now where the headstones used to sit.  Those who lie in the cemetery are fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, men, and women who've served our country and more.

According to KTVB the violent act took place sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  Family members are obviously beyond upset, they're emotional and just can't understand why.

The Malheur County Sheriff’s Department believe there is more than one vandal and a sledgehammer was used to destroy the headstones.  They say they'll stop at nothing to catch whoever has done this.  They will be caught.


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