I mean come on.  I love pizza, you love pizza, who doesn't love pizza?  But have you ever heard that old phrase "well if you love it so much why don't you marry it?"  Well, one woman took that seriously......................sort of.

When 18-year-old Christine Wagner found her grandmother's vintage wedding dress, she used that as an excuse to show her love for pizza with the whole world by marrying it!..........or at least that's what it looked like on Facebook.  She posted a pic holding the slice of pizza and added the caption, "Wearing grandma’s wedding dress…I’m getting married but it’s to pizza. Sorry boys, I’m a taken woman!

However, what started a just a cute joke got real (well, kind of) when high school photographer Marcy Harris saw the pic.  Wagner says, "Marcy Harris, my photographer, came up with the idea to take it further."

To do this, Harris created a whole wedding photo shoot for Wagner and the uh......pizza.  Wagner says pizza, "is a staple in my diet and is very important to me"  Then they took it even further by planning Wagner's dream wedding by making the pizza wear a bow tie and even getting the bride a ring! I mean, it was a ring pop....but it's the thought that counts.

Marcy says, "we debated about having bacon roses but because her mom was bit worried about the dress getting dirty, we decide to stick with just a couple of basic props."

Now before you start thinking this just TOO weird, the "wedding" actually took place on the same day that Wagner had her hair and make up done for her homecoming dance.  Marcy says, "when she was all ready, we walked next door to a white barn on her family farm and that is where the magic happened."

Ummmmmm..............best of luck? :P

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