Elon Musk seems to have all the answers; Carbon problem - make a huge fleet of electric cars, Earth problem - make Mars habitable through the SpaceX program, Intelligence problem - put computer chips in human brains. Yup that is the base of Elon's new startup called Neuralink. According to Elon, Machines with artificial intelligence are outpacing humankind, to fix this, implant computer chips in human brains to level up the species.

Earlier this week, Musk indicated he was one step closer to this goal—and had plans to prove it during a live webcast on today (Friday). He wrote on Twitter that the company is prepared to show a working “V2” of the device it introduced to the public. He had previously said that the demonstration “will show neurons firing in real time. The matrix in the matrix.”

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Neuralink’s isnt the first company working on this concept, a few others claim they are way ahead of him in the development process. The Department of Defense got involved in the 1970s brought on by visions of a superhuman army. Other neuroscientists have tried to develop devices in a clinical setting. Brain implants show some promise in restoring movement to someone whose spinal connections have been severed, or in controlling the tremors associated with Parkinson’s. There is also testing for 'thought type' where instead of voicing a command you can literally just think it.

Is this way too out there for you, or would you try it if it shows some success in trials?

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