It's decadent, it's delicious, and it's National Chocolate Soufflé Day! You can put on your chef and attempt to make a chocolate souffle at home or head out to your favorite restaurant. I have no skills in baking anything, so I would have to go to a restaurant to enjoy a chocolate souffle. 

Did you know that the soufflé dates back to 1742, but it's not made with chocolate? 

It was made using sweet and savory ingredients. Vincent La Chapelle used candied lemon and veal kidney to create the soufflé. It wasn't until Antonin Careme that calls the "The Father of the Souffle" because he makes a bunch of different souffle recipes and is "credited with perfecting and popularizing the souffle." 

Stacey G./Yelp
Stacey G./Yelp

Why does a chocolate soufflé make us feel fancy? 

Is it because it's French? Or is it because it's challenging to make? 

According to, "the chocolate soufflé is a seriously fancy dessert, but it's also seriously easy to make. Many people think the dish is hard — we've all heard of the dreaded deflated soufflé! But here's a secret: they are delicious even when imperfect! Chocolate soufflés require simple ingredients and minimal effort in the kitchen and yield maximum and magnificent results." 

Jim P./Yelp
Jim P./Yelp

So will you be attempting to make a chocolate soufflé? 

If you're like me and don't feel like whipping up a chocolate soufflé after dinner, I have found restaurants in the Treasure Valley where you can go and enjoy a wonderful dessert. 

There were only two restaurants I could find that still offered chocolate soufflé as a dessert.

  • Chandlers Prime Steaks & Fine Seafood
  • Barbacoa Grill

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