Ok, so my husband LOVES pranks. He loves to watch Youtube videos on pranks, he loves to plan them, and he especially loves to execute these pranks on his (very) gullible wife....me. So when he gets the chance, he takes it. The first time I forgot my wedding ring at home, he got me good.

So I knew that if he ever left his wedding ring I knew I would have to some up with something good to get him back! Then, it happened. I saw it in the bathroom and text him asking if he'd forgotten something. He instantly knew it was on.

I started by weaving some pretty pink ribbon through the ring, but it wasn't enough, so I made a ribbon ball around the ring, then made a tape ball around that, and just to top it off covered it in three layers of wax.

Needless to say, we're both a lot more careful when we take off our rings. I told him next time it's going in cement. Have you ever done something to your spouses ring when they forgot it at home? Let me know on our WOW Facebook page!