Here's 10 very cool things about Boise you may not know!

1. Boise is home to "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul; in fact his Mom Darla works in our building!! (Please don't start stalking her!) He graduated from Centennial High School in 1998 and then drove with his Mom to Los Angeles in a 1982 Toyota Corolla with $6000 in his pocket. The rest is history. October 1st has been officially named "Aaron Paul Day" in Idaho.

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2. Boise has been named the #1 Adventure City in America by National Geographic

3. Boise drops a giant Idaho Potato to ring in the New Year instead of a big disco ball.

4.Boise was named on Forbes top 10 list of cities where salaries are actually increasing!

5. Boise is famous for hating the band Nickelback. The Boise Weekly published a piece in 2012 telling readers everything they could buy instead of a concert ticket.

6. Boise was name by Bike Magazine as the top mountain biking town in the entire country.

7. In Boise it's technically illegal to ride a merry-go-round on Sunday. Luckily, it's an old law that isn't usually enforced.

8. Boise's own Brandi Sherwood took the title of Miss Teen USA in 1989 and was crowned Miss USA in 1997.

9. Time Magazine has named Boise as the #1 city in their article entitled “Solutions for America” claiming that Boise is one of the top cities “getting it right”

10. The 1988 film “Moving” by Richard Pryor takes place in Boise. Pryor’s character finds out he has to relocate to the city for his job and it was filmed here in order to be able to capture the beauty of Boise.

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