You remember the days, right? Walk into a Blockbuster store with your family, walk around and around the aisles looking for the perfect movie for the evening. It's nostalgic. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for you) we don't get to do that anymore, movies are seconds away and at our fingertips. However, for folks in Bend Oregon, they still get a little slice of movie-hunting heaven. That's the home of the very last Blockbuster store. That's also the home of one of our favorite breweries, 10 Barrel Brewing. So, naturally, these two companies had to team up, right? Well, they have; and it's magic.

According to Boise Weekly, 10 Barrel Brewing pitched the idea of 10 Barrel Brewing being Blockbuster's "official beer". The once-powerful movie rental chain totally loved it. So 10 Barrel has created a beer just for them. It may taste a little familiar too, it's their 'S1nist0r Black Ale' infused with red licorice. Yum! They'll be making its debut at a block party at Blockbuster (duh), then they'll have it available at 10-Barrel locations for a limited time. 

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