This is a parent's worst nightmare come true.  Your child is being bullied at school but you just don't know exactly how, who, or what is going on.  Your child is embarrassed to talk to you about it.  They're embarrassed to talk to anyone about it and that's when things can turn deadly.

According to KIVI TV 11-year-old Sarah Himmel is recovering right now at St. Luke's in Boise after swallowing an entire bottle of pills in hopes of ending her life.  Fortunately after taking the pills Sarah passed out and fell off her bed which made a loud thud her mother heard.  Sara's mom, Amy Himmel says Sarah's eyes were dilated and they couldn't see her pupils.  She couldn't walk and she had body fluids all over.

So what would drive an 11-year-old kid to do this?  Sarah has been bullied for a long period of time but recent activities pushed her over the edge.  She found notes in her desk at Grace Jordan Elementary School calling her a "Fat Pig" and telling her she "should just kill herself."  Sarah finally started believing that maybe that's exactly what she should do.

The school released this statement...

Dear Grace Jordan Parents/Guardians:

Information, including misinformation, is presently being circulated through social media regarding recent student and staff actions at Grace Jordan Elementary School.

The Boise School District is barred by Federal law from providing any details regarding particular students. While the District cannot inform the public of actions taken to protect an individual student’s safety,  it does not equate to a lack of action on our part. Rather, District policy requires multi-level responses to safety concerns and the involvement of police and parents whenever potentially illegal behavior is discovered.

We aggressively and proactively confront bullying through our Bullying, Hazing and Harassment Policy [] procedures, which protect students, and prevention programs, which promote respectful school cultures.

This is a very difficult situation for the student and family, as well as for the students and staff of Grace Jordan. Our children are looking to the adults in their world to teach them how to interact with one another respectfully and to solve problems collaboratively.

The safety and security of each and every student and staff member is always our first priority. The Boise School District’s policies and procedures help us to accomplish this important priority.  


Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sarah is one of many and no matter how much we talk, no matter how much action is taken, the issue of bullying continues.  Parents please educate your kids.  Sit down with your kids and teach them.  Show them examples of good and bad when it comes to bullying.  It's our responsibility to help our children become great people and there's nothing great about bullying.  Bullying is evil.  Kid's don't realize how evil it is and half the time they don't even realize they are bullying.

We wish Sarah and her family the best and hope that her story will touch the hearts of many and help us all to take a step in the right direction.

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