Relationships can be tough, really tough. It should never ever end like this. The man and woman involved in the murder/suicide in Meridian yesterday morning have now been identified. 

69-year-old Elizabeth Boone died at an area hospital after being shot in the head by 71-year-old Michael Boone who then turned the gun on himself.

The argument started about 10:15 a.m. yesterday after Elizabeth who had moved out of the couple's home a couple of weeks ago returned to get some of her belongings.

A family member says Michael pulled Elizabeth into a room where they started to quarrel. All of a sudden several gunshots were fired. By the time officers arrived on the scene Michael was pronounced dead. Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery and later died according to KTVB.

Evidence shows that a .45 caliber handgun was used in the murder/suicide. The whole ordeal continues to be under investigation.

Please, if you are struggling with your relationship, going through a break-up or divorce, please never be ashamed to reach out for help. As a divorcee myself I know how raw and intense the emotions around a break-up can be, but it should never be handled like this and it breaks my heart when things end this way.

Please keep everyone who knew and loved these people in your thoughts and prayers.

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