Being a father to four beautiful girls, this tragedy shakes me to the core.  I sometimes try to put myself into the shoes of those going through something so devastating but there's no way I can.  I imagine myself completely losing it.  I couldn't go to work... or church... or out anywhere.  I don't know how I'd act towards others or even myself.

I wish I could just put my arms around this little girl's family and give them a hug.  My heart truly aches for them and for everyone that knew this beautiful soul.

We have very little information on this but I'll tell you what I know.  According to KTVB, the Bear Lake County Sheriff's office made a statement yesterday saying that someone called in about a child being shot near Highway 30 in the Paris, Idaho area.  When authorities arrived at the scene the little girl was immediately pronounced dead from a single gunshot wound.

We do know that the girl was only 11-years-old but authorities have not released her identity.  Notifying everyone close to her properly is a priority for law enforcement.  The only other thing we know is that the young girl was from Blackfoot, Idaho.  Please keep this family in your thoughts today.