Time to saddle up and check out these fantastic dude ranches in Idaho. If you're looking for something fun, different, and an outdoor adventure you've never experienced, these dude ranches will do the trick. 

What's a dude ranch? 

Thanks to the Dude Ranch Association, we know that back "in the late 19th century, ranches allowed visitors from the East Coast and Midwest to escape the crowds to their suburban lives to experience the unique rejuvenation of spirit that ranches had become known for."

You don't need to go far. We have two dude ranches in Idaho, highlighted by Loveexploring for America's Coolest Dude Ranches


The Diamond D Ranch:


The Diamond D Ranch is located in the heart of the Salmon River mountains. They have been family owned since 1951. Tom as a 13-year-old boy, first stepped onto the property when he and his dad, "Big John," visited from California, who was entertaining the idea of purchasing a 50% partnership at then Boyle Ranch.

The Diamond D Ranch offers various activities like dining, weddings, hunting, retreats, and reunions.


The Red Horse Mountain Ranch:


The Red Horse Mountain Ranch is an all-inclusive dude ranch resort near Lake Coeur d'Alene. The lodge was built in 1974 as a meeting and gathering place. The Red Horse Mountain Ranch offers several different experiences and events during their open months, May through October. They have singles and solos week, women-only weeks, and other weeks dedicated to only adults.

With a long list of adventures, the Red Horse Mountain Ranch is perfect for the entire family. Family reunions, corporate groups, and retreats are also available.

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