This is the kind of stuff you hear about in Los Angelas or New York or Detroit.  Gangs, drugs, murder, and murder in the most absolute senseless ways.  Not that any other type of murder is o.k. but how can this be happening right here in Idaho?  I can't understand how it happens anywhere but for some reason, I just feel like we're better than this.

21-year-old Gerardo Chavez just pleaded guilty to a drive-by which took the life of a 15-year-old boy.  Yeah, you heard that right.  He's only 15!  His name was Vason Widaman and this young kid now will never have any chance at any type of life at all.  I have a son who's 14 that pretty much understands Fortnite (most AWESOME video game ever) and fast food grub.  My son's so young he's not even completely girl crazy yet.  That's the type of kids that are getting shot in the streets and killed, right here in our very own state of Idaho.

KTVB says this whole thing is drug related.  They're probably right.  The drug problem here in the United States continues to grow, change, and adapt as authorities do their best to take drugs down and abolish this problem forever.  Unfortunately for all of us, those behind drugs and distribution find ways to elude authorities and flourish in distributing drugs, making tons of cash, and destroying thousands of lives.

Credit: Twin Falls County Jail
Credit: Twin Falls County Jail

Another man, Jose Daniel Alvarez is also a suspect in this shooting which took place just over a year ago in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Alvarez has pleaded 'Not Guilty' and is awaiting his trial.  As for Chavez... his sentencing will be on November 6th.  He faces up to 20 years in jail.  The plea agreement for Chavez involved attorneys on both sides of this case, Chavez, and the family of 15-year-old Vason Widaman.

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