Are you sick of having the same old mashed potatoes every single Thanksgiving? Or, contrarily, are you getting excited to keep up the tradition?

Well, if you’re looking to change things up this year for Thanksgiving, keep scrolling for 3 fancy potato dishes that are 1000X better than regular mashed potatoes 👇

Another popular and controversial question is...

Would you rather have stuffing or potatoes for a Thanksgiving side dish?

In Idaho, potatoes are a big deal! So, I’m sure many of you would probably rather have potatoes instead of stuffing. If that’s you, and if you’re choosing to have potatoes on Thanksgiving, you’re going to want to see creative dishes.

There’s a recent article from The New York Times that features “3 Potato Dishes That Are Better Than Mashed.” In the article, they say...

“Unlike stuffing, potatoes mingle with and enhance all of the other foods present. But what’s most miraculous about potatoes is how they can take on the dual textures of creamy and crispy. Mashed potatoes might be a classic Thanksgiving side, but the dish’s one-note consistency doesn’t take advantage of the potato’s full potential. These alternatives, on the other hand, show off its versatility.”

Versatility is a perfect word for this. Keep scrolling for the pictures and details about these 3 potato dishes (and 8 potato snacks for game day) and you will quickly notice how incredibly different they are from each other, even though they’re all just potatoes at the end of the day 👇

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